Serving the Public, Improving Patient Care

For 100 years, the American Board of Ophthalmology has been an independent, nonprofit advocate for excellence in the practice of ophthalmology. To carry out its work, the Board relies on an ophthalmologist executive director, 20 practicing ophthalmologist directors who specialize in a variety of practice areas, three public directors who represent the interests of patients and public, and more than 500 ophthalmologist volunteers who participate in examination administration and development activities.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the public by improving the quality of ophthalmic practice through a certification and maintenance of certification process that fosters excellence and encourages continual learning.


Certification Aims

Board certification intends to provide assurance to the public and the medical profession that a physician has successfully completed an evaluation designed to assess the knowledge, experience, and skills requisite to the delivery of high standards of patient care in ophthalmology. Continued maintenance of Board certification is meant to assure that members of the profession continue their education, keep current in information and skills, and practice in a contemporary manner.